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Irish Beach Properties:

Bought and Sold

Several detailed lists of Irish Beach property sales over the past 17 years have been compiled.  These lists are available as PDF files for those interested in reviewing these sales.  One list showing all sales of property from 1999 through Nov 2017.  A second showing the "38 Most Recent Sales of Houses" and a third showing the "38 Most Recent Sales of Lots".

NOTE: The properties are sorted by "unit" first; then by "homes" in date order; then by "lots" in date order.

Click here to download  "List:  Irish Beach Properties Bought and Sold, 1999-Nov 2017".

Click here to download "38 Most Recent Sales of Houses".

Click here to download "38 Most Recent Sales of Lots"

If you are unable to download and read this document click here.


This site has been developed to provide the public and the residents and owners of property in Irish Beach comprehensive and pertinent information about available services in and for Irish Beach, the development.  This information is provided as a free service.  It is not intended to provide legal, administrative, or general advice about any aspect of purchasing property, selling property, or living in Irish Beach.

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